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If you're wondering how you can pay less or minimize your taxes, or if you're wondering why the tax on your income is too high, Mytaxes will navigate the tax code to the maximum advantage.

"All the information and documents you share with us is extremely confidential and hence is saved on a secured portal - SmartVault. We shall share with you your SmartVault link where you can find all your submitted documents and the filled Tax Returns." Smart Vault

"No Up-Front Fees. You can make the payment from your Federal Refund using Refund Advantage*. *The service of Refund Advantage can be availed only if the tax-payer is eligible for the Federal Refund. " Refund advantage

"You just provide us the required information for your tax filing and we do the tax preparation for you. " Online Tax-filing by a CPA

"You don't need to pay up-front. You can make the payment directly from your refund. " No out-of-pocket payment

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