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    MakeMyTaxes LtdWe specialize in Tax Debt Resolution and Debt relief.

    We also provide professional tax preparation as well as accounting services to individuals, business owners, executives, and independent professionals.

    Our role is to analyze the client’s tax problem and offer a clear understanding of the process for helping the client in first getting relief from Garnishment and Levies and further helping in to reduce the tax debt and if not possible then to get penalty abated or get installment payment plan. Our service is to get the taxpayer immediate relief from IRS or State Tax debt relief.

    Our combined years of experience and depth of qualifications allow us to provide the most professional representation to help resolve your tax problems with the IRS and state agencies.

    We are always available to spend time with you, so feel free to contact us whenever you have a question or concern about your accounting or tax needs.

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    Get a team of experts to do your Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Personal Income Tax and maintain financial statements.

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    MakeMy Taxes - Get Expert Help.BBB Accredited & 'A+' Rating

      Tax Planning & Preparation

      Tax Resoulution

      Accounting & Assurance

      Estate & Family Wealth Planning

      Property Tax Protest



    MakeMy Taxes - Get Expert Help.BBB Accredited & 'A+' Rating

      Tax Planning & Preparation

      Tax Resoulution

      Accounting & Assurance

      Estate & Family Wealth Planning

      Property Tax Protest



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    How much time do you think we will have to resolve my IRS accounts?

    Generally speaking, we attempt to secure a 30-day collection hold with the IRS. Meaning the IRS will not take any aggressive actions during the 30-day term. Within the 30 day term, we will need to be sure you are taking corrective action to become current and compliant, file all missing returns, and work toward developing a financial strategy to resolve the balance dues. However, we do have tools that will allow us to extend this timeline and if our efforts are going in the right direction, the IRS will usually allow us additional time.

    Do I need to give the IRS information about my bank accounts and assets?

    This is a yes/no answer. If you owe the IRS more than $10,000 in 941 tax liability you can fully expect to have to provide information about your business. If the liability is more than $25,000 in 1120 income tax debt, the same thing applies. However, if you owe less than $50,000 in personal income tax debt or trust debt you may not have to provide information about your personal finances.

    What if I can’t afford to submit the application fee?

    The IRS uses Low-Income Certification guidelines to determine whether a person qualifies for poverty level. If you meet the criteria, you do not need to send in the $186 application fee, and you can wait to send in additional monies, including your initial payment and monthly installments until you hear back from the IRS.

    What happens if I never hear back from the IRS about an Offer in Compromise?

    If the IRS does not contact you within two years about the Offer in Compromise, the agency will automatically accept it.

    Can I get an IRS Tax Lien withdrawn?

    Yes, if your balance is below $25,000, you’ve been on a direct debit payment plan for 3 months or longer, you can apply to have your tax lien withdrawn. The experts at Highland Tax Group, Inc. can assist with this application.

    Does an IRS Lien show up on my credit report?

    Yes/No. Recently, the credit bureaus stopped harvesting data concerning IRS tax liens and reflecting the same lien on a credit report. However, if your tax lien was filed more than 1 year ago, the lien may still show up on your credit report

    What about privacy, security, and confidentiality?

    We take careful precautions to protect our clients’ information. The Logics server is as secure as can reasonably be provided and is housed in a state-of-the-art secure facility with power and internet backup. Your project site is password protected and we will not sell or share your information or any data you enter. No one will be able to access your data unless you grant permission.

    Can we try it first? What about refunds?

    You will have a money-back guarantee on your first month of subscription! We have a monthly fee charge after that depending on the number of users in your company. If you cancel before your billing date each month your credit card won’t be charged again for any subsequent months (refunds will not be issued if you do not cancel within 30 days).